How to hang a Hammock

Free Brazilian Coffee and a pair of Flip Flops. Havaianas!

In this short video, Denis Bailey pulls off more amazing clips by taking a spin around town of Imperatriz, Maranhão, Brazil. You can't miss this video as he rides up and down the streets. The video has a surprise for those and makes a deal with you, the 1st 50th person to sign up for newsletter updates will get Brazilian coffee and the first 100th person who signs up will get a pair of the famous flip flops from Brazil, Havaianas. He will ship them to any where in the world!
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Unbelievable Hammock Knot!!

You can't miss this short video showing an incredibly unbelievable hammock knot that is by far the most simplest that I have ever seen! Not only used for hammocks but pulling stuck vehicles! You can't miss this tip done by Jim Schroeder!